Flat Top Event Diary

Our fourth pub night was held at Gilhooleys Irish Bar in central Brisbane, on 3rd December 1999. There were a few new faces at this one and along with the regulars, it was a great night out.

Pictured left to right are Col, Graham and Scott. Scott is a recent convert to the flat top and also a new dad. 

Congratulations Toni and Scott, lets hope Tamara doesn't cause you to loose too much sleep!


Paddy and Gavin put a good argument forward for Paddy's brother, Bob, to join The Flat Top Crew. We were all pleased to see Paddy, knowing that he had to go to Brisbane International later in the evening to board a flight to Fiji. 

Michael, Brad and Col.

Col and Ron.

John, Ken and Graham.

Michael, Col and Graham.


Graham, Michael and Gavin.

The guys all said that it was a great night out, especially Michael and Col, who stayed till around 3am. Michael said that half of Brisbane was out late, because the queues at the taxi ranks were long and he had a long wait for a cab.

A few of the regulars sent their apologies: Ray who was in California, Adam who was about to be a new father and Darren who was in hospital with a back injury.

The only award of the evening went to Paddy, the man is a marketing wizard! Let's hope Jay takes his good advice.

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