Flat Top Event Diary

Following the success of the The Flat Top Crew's first pub night, the second one was held on Friday, 4th June 1999 at Gilhooley's Irish Pub in Albert Street, City.

The staff really made the guys feel welcome. Brian, (pictured with Billy), was unable to join the rest of the guys, as he working at Gilhooleys on the night, but he made sure that the new arrivals found the group.

Theresa and the other bar staff kept the drinks coming. Theresa is from the Emerald Isle and charmed everyone with her good humour and Irish charm. Thanks Theresa, you're a great sport and a lot of fun!

"Will you be havin' a Crown Lager?"


Once again the guys attracted a lot of attention, even from a self confessed "white witch", who flew in for the evening. Er, forgot to tell Michael; that's NO way to treat a witch!!!


Paul and his partner Lara, also attended. Paul is going to try his first flat top on the Wednesday after the pub night, but he didn't want to miss out on the festivities.

Billy once again outlasted everybody and was still having a good time at 2:15am. Graham, on the other hand, was at the restaurant across the street at 2:15am, proving that he really does have a cast iron stomach. (Who else can put away a whole plate of nachos after a solid evening on the amber fluid!?)

Let's see what happens at the next pub night on Friday, 3rd September.

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