Flat Top Event Diary

Millennium Flat Tops

As 1999 drew to a close, the appointment diary began to fill as a lot of the guys began to prepare for the New Year celebrations.

Graham became the last client of 1999, Jim was the first client of 2000 and Jason was the first new client of 2000. As this New Year was a once every 1,000 years event, it seemed appropriate that their haircuts receive some special attention. We've called them the millennium flat tops.

31st December 1999

Graham gets his flat top sharpened every 7 to 10 days and has been wearing a flat top for about 5 years.

The picture on the left is Graham's "before" picture. He normally gets a shaved high and tight with a landing strip and decided to stick with his favourite cut for his last cut of 1999.

The three pictures below are Graham's "after" pictures. He prefers to have a wet look and the final cut was finished off with a generous application of flat top wax.

2nd January 2000

Jim gets his flat top cut every 2 to 3 weeks and he has been wearing a flat top for about 12 years.

The picture on the left is Jim's "before" picture. Jim always gets a #00000 landing strip with a high and tight. Jim used to have #0A on the back and sides, but has been getting #00000 for the past few months. For his first cut of 2000, he decided to stay with his regular cut.

Jim has a very low maintenance flat top, he just towels it dry after a shower and runs his hands through it and it stays in place all day without ever having to brush it or use wax. To mark the new millennium, Jim decided to try some wax after his cut.

 3rd January 2000

Jason has been wearing a flat top for about 10 years, but recently has had a few bad cuts. He let it grow out for a while, but was recently given a referral to The Flat Top Crew and decided to give us a try.

Jason likes the sides short and fairly boxy and the top cut with a landing strip. For his first Flat Top Crew flat top he decided to have a #1A on the back and sides and a short landing strip.

Jason is fortunate to have thick hair that holds its shape well. He was pleased with his cut and particularly liked the flatness of the deck. This cut should last well between cuts with minimum maintenance.

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