Flat Top Event Diary

The tenth pub night was celebrated on Friday, 1st June 2001. To uphold tradition, Gilhooleys Irish Bar in central Brisbane, was again the venue.

Although some of the guys had to work, there was still a large attendance and it proved to be one of the best pub nights. Some of the guys came from as far away as Townsville, Lismore (NSW), Toowoomba and Gatton to attend.

Mark's wife, Tanya, went into labour late on Friday afternoon, was taken to hospital and gave birth to a daughter, Brittany Ann, at about 6:20pm. Mark was present at the birth and decided to celebrate with the guys afterwards, he arrived at Gilhooleys at about 8:30pm.

John English, the Member of Queensland Parliament, for the electorate of Redlands, took time out of his very busy schedule and attended too. 

From left to right are Ken, Graham, Fred and Ray.

Ken, Graham and Fred got together for a meal before going to the pub. Fred was unable to stay for the serious drinking, so dinner was his only opportunity to catch up with the guys.

Ken had been on leave in the Gold Coast hinterland all week and drove back to Brisbane to attend.

Graham came directly from work and had to leave earlier than normal, as he had an early appointment the next morning.


Adam and Jason have a beer together.

Adam bought along some card tricks to perform for the guys.

Adam's magic is always a popular feature of the pub nights and the guys look forward to it.

Jason tried whitewalls this morning, so that he would look especially sharp tonight. Jason said that it was a look he could get easily get used to.

John, Adam and Shaun are pictured.

John came from Toowoomba to attend. It was good to see him again, as he's been unable to make it to Brisbane for the last few.

Shaun had to work late, but he only works across the road, so he came straight over as soon as he finished work.

Both John and Shaun have changed to #00000 high and tights since the last pub night.

 Les, Graham and Daryl are pictured.

Les travelled up from Lismore, New South Wales to attend and Daryl came from Gatton. 

This is Daryl's first pub night. Daryl decided to get his first flat top about two months ago.


Pictured here are Gavin and John.

This was John's first pub night and he was looking forward to getting out and having a few drinks with the guys.

John says that since being elected to Parliament, he has a very busy schedule, both in and out of Parliament. John lives at Victoria Point, which is a bayside suburb and quite a distance from the city centre, so his efforts in attending were appreciated.

John is currently the only member of State Parliament who wears a flat top. He's also probably the most recognised backbencher.


Michael and Mark have a drink together as Michael congratulates Mark on his addition to his family.

Michael didn't think he'd be able to attend, as he was in Townsville on business. Fortunately, he was able to come back earlier than expected and decided to come in for a few drinks.

Ken, Wes and Mark got together for a drink. They represent each of the three branches of emergency services

Some of the guys,  Watti for example, managed to escape the camera.

In this group are, from left to right, David, Wes, Dwayne, John, Mark and Michael.

David, Dwayne and Mark all went for horseshoe flats with whitewalls for tonight. Dwayne and Mark had quarter horseshoes, while David decided on a traditional horseshoe.

Everybody decided to party on after midnight and some stayed longer than others. A very dedicated group of party animals were found at one of the 24 hour bars at the Casino around 5am. Michael says that he had a big win at one of the gaming tables!

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