Flat Top Event Diary

The venue of the ninth pub night was again Gilhooleys Irish Bar in central Brisbane. The numbers were up on last time and in addition to the regulars, there were a few new faces, including Dwayne.


From left to right are Shaun, Dwayne, Mark and David.

Shaun and Mark have been wearing flat tops for years, however, David has only been flat for a few months.

Dwayne got his first flat top about 6 hours before the pub night. He's never had a flat top before and decided to try a #0000 medium high taper as his entry level flattie.

Dwayne says that he thinks his flat top is the greatest and wants to try a high and tight for his next cut.


Dwayne can't decide what to order first - and in what quantity!

Looks like he's got the problem solved! Two pints of Guinness isn't a lot when you're 6' 5". But watch out for the cigarette Dwayne - you're still growing.

Ray and Gavin get together again. 

Ray has been doing a lot of travel around Queensland recently, in the course of his job. Ray has a training business and specializes in fire safety and rescue training.


 Adam, Jim and Ken have a few drinks and catch up on the news.

Adam had to work and couldn't make it to the last night out. The guys missed him and his magic.


Adam bought some new tricks with him.

In this picture, he's performing a rope trick, to the amazement of his audience.

Jason, Tony and Graham

The Group Photo (but some did escape the camera!).

It turned out to be another late night, with some of the guys heading off to the night clubs around Petrie Terrace at around midnight, some of the guys decided to stay on at Gilhooleys till around 3am. Rumour has it that several guys didn't head home until around 6am.

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