Flat Top Event Diary

Gilhooleys Irish Bar in central Brisbane, was again the venue of our seventh pub night, held on 1st September 2000. With the warmer weather starting, the numbers were back to normal and there were a few new faces as well. Ken, who has never missed a pub night, had to put in an apology, as he was suffering from a bad case of flu. Glen also was absent, due to being shipped out to Woomera, SA at short notice to assist with restoring order after the riot in the illegal immigrants' detention centre.

Michael again arrived at Gilhooleys 30 minutes early and met up with another early arrival and first timer, Matt.

From left to right are Michael, Nigel, Matt, Adam and Jason.

Michael decided to wear his favourite shirt - the one that his wife, Sue, likes so much! (Sorry Sue.)

Jason made his own fashion statement by getting a #000 high and tight for the evening. His wife, Vanessa, was also really impressed! (Sorry Vanessa - it will look good in the studio photos.)


Jim and Nigel enjoy a beer and a talk, probably about football. Jim plays soccer and Nigel rugby union.

Nigel wants to get the guys together at his place, as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer, to try out his new swimming pool and pool table.

Ray, Mark and Gavin get together to discuss the things that firefighters discuss. Ray and Gavin are regulars at the pub nights, but this is Mark's first. He's tried to attend the last couple, but seems to end up on night shift. 

(Mark is the guy in the middle, with the awesome #00000 landing strip.)

 Adam made it to the night out too and performed some amazing card tricks, after pulling about 10 metres of coloured streamers out of his mouth. 

Adam tells a good story too and kept everybody entertained . Thanks Adam for a thoroughly entertaining show.  

Pictured here are Graham, Bruce and Les. 

Bruce works with Graham and got his first flat top after he saw Stargate, he's thinking of going flat again.

Les again made the trip from Lismore, NSW to attend the night out and got a new flattie that afternoon.


Jim, Jason and Graham

Jamie, Michael, Matt and Jason.

Michael and John. John was a sergeant in the USMC and left the Corps in September 1999, he's in Australia on a work contract for two years. 

John has been finding it difficult to find a barber who can do a bi-directional, whitewalled horseshoe flat top and has had to settle for a longer cut. He was really impressed with the horseshoe flats that Jamie and Matt were wearing and booked a horseshoe flat top for the next day.

Graham broke with tradition, left around 11pm and did not stop in at the Coffee Club for his late night nachos.

It was a late night, with some of the guys leaving at around 2am, but at 3am there were still a number of guys having a good time.

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