Flat Top Event Diary

The sixth pub night, at Gilhooleys Irish Bar in central Brisbane, on 2nd June 2000, was a success, despite the smaller than usual numbers. A combination of work and the flu kept some of the regulars away. The unusually cold weather being experienced down the entire east coast of Australia, during the past week, gave a different feel to the evening.

Michael wants it noted that he arrived at Gilhooleys 30 minutes early and held the fort until Bob arrived - late!

From left to right are Les, Col, Heath and Graham. Col made a special effort to be there, having just arrived back from Rockhampton at 4:30pm. Bob cut Col's hair at the Brisbane Sheraton an hour before the night out.

Les now lives in Lismore NSW and he decided to make it to Brisbane for this pub night. Les can't find a flat top barber in Lismore and now wears a buzzcut most of the time, however, he decided to take the opportunity to go flat again while he was here.


Col and Heath enjoy their first drink of the evening. If you see a resemblance, it's probably because they're brothers.


This was Simon's first pub night. In this picture Michael tells Simon about Graham's habit of going over the road to the Coffee Club Restaurant at 2am to get nachos with the works.

Michael then led a spirited rendition of "Nachos, Nachos Man" in honour of Graham. Michael added that it would have looked better if he had been wearing an Indian head dress - well at least Graham was wearing a biker's jacket!


Jason, Ken and Graham secure themselves a quiet corner of the bar. Jason survived the last night out, despite the efforts of some of the guys, and is enjoying married life. Ken made a special effort to attend this night out. He managed to swap his shift at the last minute. 


Jim had to play a game of soccer earlier in the evening and came in for a few drinks after the game..



Paul, Graham, Jason and Jim (left to right). Paul doesn't have a flat top, but decided to come along with his brother, Jason. He took a lot of good natured ribbing from the other guys, about not having a flattie, but was a good sport about it.

As Michael predicted, Graham went to the Coffee Club at around 1:30am and returned about a half an hour later, declaring that he gave the nachos a miss and had raisin toast instead. 

Most of the guys started to head for home at around 2am. Col and Heath decided to stick around and party on for a while longer.

Jamie wasn't able to come as he boarded a London bound plane earlier in the day. Gavin, Ray and Nigel were fighting the flu and Adam and Mark had to work.

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