Flat Top Event Diary

Our fifth pub night was again held at Gilhooleys Irish Bar in central Brisbane, on 3rd March 2000. For some of the guys who attended, it was their first pub night, but the regulars made them feel right at home and it was a great night.

For Jason, pictured in the middle of the group, it was his last night out as a single man, as Jason was getting married the next day.

The guys decided to make it a special night for him, but Bob didn't think that sending him to Auckland NZ on the midnight cargo flight was a good idea, so they changed their plan and came up with a few other ideas for him.


Gavin figured that Jason would enjoy having maybe three or four tequila slammers in the space of a few minutes and set them up for him.

 Jason, always the good sport, willingly obliged.


Graham seemed to think that Gavin was buying Jason tequila slammers, because they were Gavin's favourite drink. So Graham bought a couple for Gavin.

Nobody can remember whether anybody returned the favour for Graham, or whether they just connected him up to a keg - either way the result was the same!


Nigel and Glenn have been Flat Top Crew clients for a couple of years, but this is their first night out. 

Nigel is a Kiwi and when he's not building the new Pacific Motorway, he is a Rugby Union player.

Glenn runs a car detailing business.



Jamie, Ray and Gavin find a quiet corner to have a drink and a talk. Ray has recently set up his own training business in fire safety and emergency management.

Both Gavin and Jamie have recently started new jobs. Jamie is still deciding whether his new job is better than working in an office type environment.



Michael's shirt attracted some attention. Here we see Michael and Adam enjoying a drink together.

Adam wasn't able to make the last night out, as he was a brand new dad. He brought along a few card tricks and really impressed the guys with his magic powers. 


Graham is pictured here with Stuart. Stuart is a regular patron of Gilhooley's and normally wears his hair short. He saw the guys with their flat tops and decided that he is going to make his next cut a flat top. 


Jamie, Adrian and Ray.

Glenn, Jason and Ken.


Gavin and Billy.

Jason, Jim and Graham.

Graham disappeared over the road to the Coffee Club at around 1:30am and returned about a half an hour later; he didn't have his usual nachos this time - it was coffee and mud cake. Everybody was impressed that he even managed to cross the road!

Most of the guys stayed until around 2am. Jason decided to call it a night at around 2:30am - he wanted to look his best for his big day!

For those who have asked, Jason did manage to make it down the aisle, and here's a picture of him with Vanessa.


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