Trends in Brisbane over the past year indicate that flat tops are gaining popularity with younger guys, most of whom are trying them for the first time. At the same time, there is a move towards the shorter styles, usually finished with a "wet look".  Wet look flat tops are gaining popularity across the entire client base and are not specific to any age group.

With around 75% of the Flat Top Crew client base now sporting some kind of wet look, it is timely to present some detailed information of how it is achieved.

There are a number of variations in the wet look, ranging from a low sheen finish to an extremely wet, high gloss effect. The Flat Top Crew uses three basic hair products to achieve the range of finishes. The products are Australian made and are available in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

The first two products are from the Boy Girl Hair Candy range and are:                                         The final product is from the Fudge range:

                   Spank                                             Tickle                                                                                                Hair Varnish



The products each have distinctly different characteristics, however, it should be noted that none are water based. We have, in the past, extensively used water based products, but have dropped them from our stock, as none achieved any significant degree of popularity. We do not recommend gel or mousse for flat tops. The vast majority of the clients prefer the wax or oil based products, mainly due to the fact that they retain their hold and gloss during the entire day and can be reworked at any time during the day without losing their original appearance and texture.

Spank is a hard wax which gives a lot of hold, but a relatively low sheen. It is ideal for flat tops that require a lot of control and it will easily last the distance.

Tickle is a liquid designed to provide ultra violet protection and a brilliant shine. It has no holding properties and is best used in conjunction with Spank, as a finishing spray.

Hair Varnish is a soft wax which gives low to medium hold, with a high shine. Applied in stages, it gives a wet look ranging from wet to very wet and glossy.

The effects than can be achieved with the use of wax can be spectacular. It can not only give a lift to dull hair, but it can also hide the early stages of graying. The following two pictures are of the same flat top; the first with a very light application of Spank, the second with a base of Spank, three layers of Hair Varnish and a final application of Tickle.


The following series of pictures show various finishes that can be achieved using the three products, either singularly or in combination.

Hair Varnish applied in three layers, no brushing             Hair Varnish in two layers with Tickle no brushing



Both Flat Tops have a medium application of Spank



                                                                    A light application of Spank and then brushed               An application of Spank, then Hair Varnish, no brushing



                                                                Three layers of Hair Varnish, no brushing                                 One application of both Spank and Hair Varnish


The clumped effect is achieved by first blow drying the wet hair, applying a layer of wax and brushing it into position and then finally melting a quantity of wax by holding it in the palms and then gently stroking it though the hair.

If you find that you've applied too much product, rub your hair with a clean, absorbent towel and then start again.