Flat Top Test

To do the Flat Top Test you will need a large fixed and well lit mirror, a smaller hand mirror and a flat, light object such as a ruler.

Stand in front of the fixed mirror and position the hand mirror so that you can get a view of your flat top from front to rear. The top of your flat top should look flat and even over the entire area.

Now position yourself and the hand mirror in such a way that you can view your flat top from one side. Again, the top of your flat top should be perfectly flat and not follow the natural contour of your head. Repeat the process for the other side. You may find this easier to judge if you place a flat, light object, such as a ruler, on top of your flat top.

If you found your flat top to be flat when viewed from the three sides, then you have passed the Flat Top Test. If it isn't flat, then call The Flat Top Crew and we'll make sure you pass your next Flat Top Test - guaranteed!

Flat Top Test Pictures

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